Dunga Beach Ecotourism

Dunga Beach Ecotourism

Organized fishing on Lake Victoria is the source of reliable food source, a sustainable economy through trade in fish, development of patronage connected to fishing, boat making, net mending, and empowerment of women in giving them a source of income every day. For years, fishing in Lake Victoria depends on the invention of efficient methods of fishing and development of the outrigger canoe for travel and fishing.

Dunga Beach is a longtime fishing village on the eastern shore of the Gulf of Winam on Lake Victoria, just south of Kisumu City. The small community coalesced more than a century ago as migrants from the surrounding countryside arrived there to fish and trade on the outskirts of Kisumu.

Dunga Beach Economy

Over time, and increasingly in the four decades since the Sunset Hotel opened, Dunga Beach and nearby points of interest such as Hippo Point and the Impala Sanctuary have drawn many tourists eager to experience the sights along Africa’s largest lake. Dunga Beach is widely known as one of those places where one can choose a freshly-caught fish and in a few minutes’ time enjoy a fish dinner by the water.

Although Dunga Beach may be a popular spot, it reflects something much larger and more long-standing: the historical importance of Lake Victoria as a central feature in the life of the Nyanza Region economy.

Indeed, the livelihood of the people living around Lake Victoria continues to revolve around a system consisting of three major elements: fishing, agriculture, and livestock. Given the close proximity to the lake shore and the scarcity of rainfall in the region around Lake Victoria, one of these three elements, fishing, came to be the most dominant element of sustenance for the people living around Lake Victoria.

Boat Rides

Boat riders strive to give clients unforgettable experiences of the serene beauty of the world’s second largest fresh water lake and its environs. Boats like this one here are motorized, powered by outboard engines, they have comfortable seats and a roof. What guarantees safety? You are given a lifesaving jacket and as well there are local tour guides who are well versed with the lake terrain.

Dunga Beach boat riders offer a wide range of boat services tailored to your needs and budget that include but not limited to hippo viewing, bird watching, fishing expeditions and island trips. The beach is open every day of the week.

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