Kisumu Investments Conference: Kisumu’s Investment Potential

Kisumu Investments Conference: Kisumu’s Investment Potential

Kisumu County is emerging as a central cog in the national development wheel. Its location is strategic as a link to the great lakes’ region and a major influence on business and social trends. This unique advantage demands a visionary and inclusive development approach. It is for these reasons that the county is embarking on an inclusive and transformative investments forum.

The Kisumu Investment Conference reaffirms the County Government’s long-term vision, that to achieve a robust development agenda, strong partnerships involving the people, investors from the private sector, development partners, and the government are vital.

The County Government recognizes that a market place for good ideas, resources and expertise is required to discuss exhaustively how the VISION KISUMU 2050 will be realized and the Investment Conference will be the appropriate forum for that. I would like to recognize and thank all our partners for the progress that has been made, their engagement in contributing to the VISION and their commitment to help best meet Kisumu County’s development needs over the next 30 years.

The conference is expected to generate investment commitments from the public, the private sector, the civil society, faith-based organizations, development partners, philanthropy, and impact investors.

Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock and Fisheries

Notable progress has been achieved in improving the agribusiness ecosystem in the county. In the crop sub-sector, significant progress has been achieved in improving access to certified seeds, fruit seedlings and fertilizers for increased productivity. On-going development of the cotton, sorghums, horticulture and rice value chains by development partners is worth noting. In addition, more land has been brought under cropping through development, expansion and rehabilitation of irrigation schemes.

Investments Opportunities

Investment opportunities exist in crop value-chains namely; cotton lint and seed, cassava, and potatoes processing. Rice mills, sugar processing, cereals marketing, packaging of dry foods, canning fresh fruit, and vegetables also have great potential to achieve return on investments. In the livestock sub sector, the county government intends to mobilize an estimated $ 30 M worth of investments to support development of meat, fish, dairy and feed manufacturing enterprises that guarantee 20-45% return on investment between 2-5 years to meet the demand of livestock and fisheries products locally and regionally.

The new cargo division and cold storage facility at the Kisumu International Airport is key for the export trade of fresh crop, livestock and fisheries products to other parts of Kenya and beyond. The facility, which is interconnected to the local roads and railways network and the container terminal can also be used to auction various goods and items of trade, including tea from the lake’s hinterland.