Korando Treatment Plant To Commence

Korando Treatment Plant To Commence

A new KShs 800 million wastewater treatment plant is set to be constructed in Kisumu to complement construction of several other wastewater treatment facilities in Kodiaga Prison and Dunga. Only a fraction of the city’s water demand is met through surface water works. The main water treatment works are situated in Dunga, on the shore of Lake Victoria.

However, under the Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Programme, the commencement of construction works for the sewage treatment plant is on schedule following consensus with dwellers of Korando who initially cited lack of public participation in the implementation process of the project.

After the residents protects citing concerns on compensation and environmental safety, an application was made through Olendo, Orare & Samba advocates and Lake Victoria South Water Works Development Agency Chairman Dan Omino affirms that an agreement has been reached and thus the project will continue. “We are bringing them on board, giving them accurate information but we’ll engage them in more meetings.”

The proposed project at Korando has been listed as an ongoing project which has been financed by the National Government, the French Development Agency, European Investment Bank, and the European Union. This involves construction of over 110 Kilometers of water supply distribution network in Kisumu City in Kanyamedha, Otonglo, Airport, Korando, Ukweli, and Kiboswa to achieve 90 percent water coverage.

Following Presidential approval, the agency will also undertake construction of 8,700 cubic meters of waste water treatment plant and additional 70 Kilometers of sewer networks in the town to achieve 50 percent sanitation coverage upon completion. Funding from the project will also support renewed water supply and sanitation services to over 350,000 residents.

“What people don’t understand is that, when you have clean piped water you must also have a way to treat the waste that comes with it. There are more than 15 petrol stations, schools, hospitals and industries that will benefit from this project. We have to treat the sewage waste before it is channeled to the lake.”

With new technology the sewage treatment plant will occupy 2 acres of land as opposed to 78 acres that residents claimed was being targeted for the project scheduled for completion in 2026. Residents had expressed fear that 1,000 families would be displaced to pave way for the project. Environmental impact assessment for the project is set to be done once the plan and design are complete.