Tourism Fund Partners with The Lake Region

Tourism Fund Partners with The Lake Region

The Lake Region Economic Bloc counties are rich in tourist attractions but their potential has not been profitably harnessed in cultural tourism, sports tourism, wildlife and nature tourism, medical, among other forms of tourism. In partnership with the Tourism Fund, the region is able to carry out a mapping programme of all tourism activities and services.

Through the Tourism Fund, the region’s profiling will help unearth tourism opportunities that will benefit many a people. The agency reiterated its mandate as a platform to mobilize resources to finance the development of the tourism industry not only across the counties but in the country as a whole. At present, it has a nationwide reach with a presence in five major towns that coordinate our activities across all 47 counties.

The agency’s role is to effectively manage and shape the levy systems that support and fund tourism services. It also acts as a source of funding for the county governments and institutions especially tourism and hospitality training institutions.

With hotels re-opening in full operation since the pandemic, hotels charging a minimum of Ksh. 250 per person per night, including the provision of breakfast meal or any other services pay 2% levy to the body. Also restaurants making minimum gross sales of Ksh. 3 million per year or an average of Ksh. 250,000 for the first three (3) trading months, incase of new establishments. Others include members clubs, health and spa resorts, retreat lodges, ecolodges, service apartments and flats.

In preparation for the Africities Summit, the agency has participated in B2B sessions with stakeholders in Kisumu County with an aim to diversify the resource base for financing development of sustainable tourism and hospitality in the region.