Meet Dr. Oscar Aghan of Kisumu West Constituency. He describes himself as a serial entrepreneur in manufacturing of plastic products, fertilizer, equipment fabrication, industrial and domestic charcoal briquettes, water recycling and in future, high power production. “My company, Green Pavers, has built a reputation as the largest plastic recycling company in East and Central Africa”. He says.

Dr. Aghan attributes his passion for recycling waste to the need for a clean environment. With this, he views waste differently. He thinks “waste has the potential of creating houses for millions of homeless people while curbing pollution in the process.”

In his presentation during the Lake Nation Association Conference, Dr Aghan narrated how he has had seen families live in overcrowded homes. This drove him to innovate and offer alternative affordable solutions to building materials. Green Pavers (GP) recycles plastic waste into durable and affordable building materials using modern technology invented by the company afew years ago called Densification.

Startup recycles plastic into blocks that are more durable, easy to clean than concrete

According to Dr. Aghan, Green Pavers pays up to Sh10,000 per tonne of plastic brought in for recycling. The collected plastics are then sorted according to quality. The plastics are then crushed and molded into different shapes as blocks and pavers of varied density and size depending on the need for parking lots, swimming pool areas and walk ways.

Focus Areas

  • Waste Management: Waste is an eyesore to many but to Dr. Aghan, it is a resource.
  • Youth Unemployment: Green Pavers employs 700 youths directly to its factories and indirectly as collectors and distributors of its products.
  • Housing Deficit: There is a housing deficit of 380,000 houses annually in Kenya.

Green Pavers Products:

1. Fencing works including the chain link and plastic poles. This is a perfect substitute for trees and will save them.

2. Pavement blocks for roads and home.

3. Tiles with solar panel.

4. Tiles with no solar panel.

Plastic in itself is not a problem, it’s the way Kenyans dispose it that is the problem. More focus should be on the way plastic is disposed as opposed to banning the end product. Dr. Aghan’s recycling model could turn out to be one of Africa’s best bet in conserving the environment.

A pile of plastic ready for collection

Green Pavers now has a multi-million worth with clients ranging from the National Government, KeNHa, Contractors forming 33% of clients, small scale developers comprising 38%, and institutions like schools and hospitals making up 4% of buyers of Green Pavers products.