Upgrade For Kibos Sewerage

Upgrade For Kibos Sewerage

PS State Department for Correctional Services, Hon. Safina Kwekwe, CBS, in company of the Commissioner General of Prisons Brig (Rtd) John K. Warioba, EBS and the Administrative Secretary KPS, Mr.Patrick Mwangi visited Kisumu Prison Command and Kibos Command in Nyanza.

The main purpose of the visit was to assess the sewage system at the two facilities which the department in partnership with the county Government and the Private sector wants to rehabilitate for proper waste mgt at the Kisumu Command, KPS will be partnering with Water Trust Fund and Kisumu Water Sewage Company (KIWASCO) to rehabilitate the already existing sewer line which has been a major environmental pollutant. The project is already ongoing and the new sewer line will exclusively serve the prison.

“The use of outdated facilities at the prison has posed grave environmental challenges which have complicated the relations between the facilities and their neighbourhood. The government has stepped in to address these challenges and restore good relationships with the surrounding communities.”

At the Kibos Command, the Department will be partnering with KIWASCO and Kibos Sugar to connect the sewer line to the main sewer line. Kisumu Maximum and Kibos Prisons have a population of 7,000 and 3,000 respectively including both staff and inmates. The construction of decentralized sewerage treatment plants will also provide an opportunity to reuse the wastewater as an input for other products to make products like briquettes.

KIWASCO Managing Director Thomas Odongo said, “The establishment of a decentralized water treatment plant at these prisons is a game changer in the water and sanitation sector as it will improve the sanitation coverage in the area.”

The State Department has partnered with Kisumu Water Supply and Sanitation Company (KIWASCO) and Kibos Sugar Company to implement the sanitation projects through funding from Water Sector Trust Fund.