Utamaduni Day Celebrations Inaugurated In Kisumu

Utamaduni Day Celebrations Inaugurated In Kisumu

The County Government of Kisumu anaugurated Utamaduni Day Celebrations during Christmas holidays.

The function was officiated by His Excellency the Governor Prof. Anyang Nyongo.

Utamaduni Day Celebrations shows the diverse culture of the Luos. Amongst the activities that took place are the cultural dances and plays. There was also exhibitions displaying various artworks.

The function was held at Kit Mikayi in Kisumu County. The place resonates well with Utamaduni day.

Kit Mikayi has been listed by Unesco as a World Heritage Site. Making it a world tourist attraction.

During the celebrations the Governor promised that the County will give full scholarship for one of the school girls who staged a superb performance during the fete.